Hello there,

In 2016 I was teaching Design and Technology in an independent school. Today, I am a polo playing professional artist and designer, it has been an incredible journey.

The last five years have been a roller coaster of emotions and I have had many adventures. It has had amazing highs and depth plunging lows. In this time, I have developed as an artist and designer, I have exhibited my work many times and won a sketchbook award. I have also lost my sister and my mum who were my biggest cheerleaders, so any achievement also brings sorrow, as they would be the ones I’d phone to share what had happened.

I was born in Sheffield, and enjoyed school even though I found it hard, art was my greatest joy throughout. I didn’t find out that I am dyslexic until I was a qualified teacher. I am extremely lucky that my older sister sat with me one summer when I was 10 years old and taught me how to read. I now proudly share my dyslexic journey, because I see it as a superpower rather than a problem, even though it can be extremely frustrating at times.

Having finished a foundation course in art and design in my home city, I went on to complete a BSc in Textile Design in Huddersfield. My first job after graduating was with a company based in Holmbridge in West Yorkshire who supplied woven fabrics to the American decorators’ market. I enjoyed the technical challenges of designing patterns using the woven construction within the fabric.


However, life changes and I joined the Articled Teachers Scheme which was looking for people from industry to become Design and Technology teachers. I loved teaching and remained in the profession for more than 20 years. Having focused on Product Design I have worked with a wide variety of materials (plastic, metal, wood etc.) which certainly expanded my own knowledge. Dealing with teenagers definitely develops your people skills. Problem solving has been extremely useful when guiding pupils through the design process, so they can achieve their best work.

A career in teaching also fitted well into mine and my husband’s life, whilst bringing up our daughter, enabling me to be at home during school holidays. I’m also really pleased to say I have encouraged many young adults to become design professionals.

Exhibitions and Awards

The Harley Open at the Harley Gallery

Having had success with Nico Polo in 2019, I was chuffed to bits (I am a Yorkshire lass) to also be exhibited again in 2020.

It had been an ambition of mine for many years to have work in such a prestigious gallery. When I heard the news (both times) I actually did a happy dance, my family thought I was insufferable for a few days, but I didn’t care!!

The painting Nico Polo was specially created for the exhibition, The composition was created almost a year previously for a Funny Friday series of drawings for Facebook.

The Flamboyant Flamingos was created primarily because a group of Flamingos is called a flamboyance. Both pieces fitted the galleries love of quirky and humorous.

The Harley Gallery
A60 Mansfield Road
Welbeck, Worksop,
S80 3LW

Association of Animal Artist

Being a member of the Association of Animal Artists gives me the opportunity to exhibit in their Summer and Winter Exhibitions.

Association of Animal Artist Sketchbook Prize

Having entered the Two Rivers Sketchbook Prize competition, (part of the Spring Exhibition of the Association of Animal Artists), I was honoured when my sketchbook was chosen.

Jim Patterson from Two Rivers Paper sponsored the prize.Two Rivers is the only commercially operating hand-made paper mill in the UK, their papers are beautiful and much sought after. The prize included Two Rivers paper and sketchbooks. Winning this has encouraged me to return to painting with watercolours having focused on acrylic paints on board for a few years.

Sketchbook prize

I think art and design should bring joy and happiness to the person viewing and enhance their environment.

My aim is to create work that does this.