General Questions

I just love animals!! I also realised that other people like animals and that images of them bring happiness.
I have done commissions in the past but at the moment I am focussing on doing my own work. There are lots of very talented artists who will paint your choice of subject, try to find someone whose style you love.

It is a combination of things. I paint what I like, and it does depend on what photographs I can get. I take a lot of photographs of animals, sometimes a single photograph can spark an idea at other times I take hundreds of photographs just to get the right ones.

I select a range of photographs I think I can use, then I try them out on Photoshop. Sometimes I’m happy after the first or second try, but some compositions are more difficult. The Piglet litter took around eight different designs before I was completely happy. It can take quite a long time to perfect an idea, often I will ‘sleep on it’ more than once!

Your art will be delivered within 5 working days after receiving your payment.
As the products are fragile they are packaged carefully. Each one is wrapped with protective film and placed in a custom-made shipping box. Occasionally and sadly, a product can be damaged during transportation. If this happens, please contact us. You will be provided with a suitable solution.
I think caring for animals goes hand in hand with caring for the environment. I have chosen suppliers who do their best to avoid harming the environment during their operations. They use water-based inks that do not contain harsh chemical components. They try to reuse packaging and various energy-saving solutions.

Definitely. You have a choice of using Stripe or PayPal.  The payment system is very secure and reliable. All payments are processed through a secure connection.

Canvas Questions

The frames are 3 cm thick, this reduces the chance of any warping. The frames are sturdy and give a good quality result. Most importantly, this looks great on your wall.
Softly wipe your canvas print with a damp cloth. Do not use any scouring products, this can take off the ink.

The inks are water based, so the canvas is not suitable for outside use. The wood and canvas will become saturated with moisture and start to warp.

The supplier produces high quality prints with a separate hanging system which has been developed to be very easy to use. This is so that the artwork as affordable as possible without impacting on quality.

HD Metal Questions

HD Metal is a thin aluminium sheet with a high-quality coating onto which your photo is transferred. The resulting picture is sharp with vibrant colours, high gloss and very strong. It is scratch and water resistant, so it is perfect for having artwork outside.
HD Metal is scratch and water resistant, so you can clean it easily. Use the same cleaning products as you would for cleaning your windows.
Absolutely. HD Metal is perfect for outdoor art. It is water and scratch-resistant, so you can hang outside for a long time.
The hanging system is hung onto the print for you. It is easy for you to hang your print onto a wall.

Framed Print Questions

Posters are printed onto a 140g satin paper.
During transportation of your framed print, real glass would be too fragile. This is why plexiglass is used, it is specially designed for framed prints. It has the same appearance as glass but is much safer.
A hanging kit is supplied with each of the products. The hanging kits make it easy to hang your photo frame up on the wall.

Slatted Wood Questions

High-quality pine from sustainable sources is used for the slatted wood art.
As long as it is sheltered and protected from direct weather, such as in a porch it can be hung outside.
A floating frame is a wooden frame that goes around the canvas print. It is like hanging your photo in a picture frame. This gives your canvas print a refined more expensive look.
The floating frames are 4cm deep, making them very sturdy and of great quality.