Have you ever struggled to find the perfect design for your client?

The designs can be adjusted to suit your chosen colour scheme and the scale can be changed to fit the space requirements, media or product it will be printed on.

Pattern Design

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Bespoke Artwork and Patterns

Do you need a design which reflects the brand image of your clients interior?

Wallpaper and fabrics can be created with images exclusive to the business, however, if the design is popular with the general public, it could be a fabulous marketing opportunity.

Working with the Old Eyre Arm in Hassop, Derbyshire, I created a design including elements from the pub itself and the owner. The composition was created using countryside sketches, a drawing of the pub building, the coat of arms, the owner and his daughter riding and the family dog.

If you would like to learn more about how the design was created please read my blog.

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Printed Mural – Prowling Tiger

This artwork print commissioned by Andrea Gillard Designs for Tiger Works Cocktail bar in Sheffield, needed to be almost 2.5m long. The painting I completed was 1.2m, but once scanned, the design was developed, to create a cohesive composition, perfectly fitting a space within the bar area.

Art Collection

I have a variety of art available to be printed on paper, canvas and other substrates.


I will continue to add artwork and patterns as I create them, so please pop back from time to time to see my new work.

If you are thinking of working with me , whether it’s now or sometime in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love collaborating with other designers and retailers.

Email hello@sallybrownart.co.uk or use the contact form.